Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs are allowed at the event, provided that they are leashed and held on your lap in the public stand.

Is the event suitable for visitors in a wheelchair?
Jumping Amsterdam has provided easy access for visitors in a wheelchair. There are a select amount of seats available for visitors in a wheelchair, and possibly for a companion. You can order tickets in section G. Keep in mind: for a companion you need to order a ticket as well.


Can children enter the event free of charge?
Children up to and including 4 years of age can go to Jumping Amsterdam for free, but are not entitled to their own seat. A special children’s rate applies to children up to 12 years old.

Is there a group discount possible?
A 10% group discount applies to groups of 10 people or more. The reservation of tickets for a group (from 10 persons) can be done by telephone; 020-5491605 (during office hours).

I cannot manage to order tickets online, because I am not able to select seats?
If you cannot select your seats it’s because you have the choose your product first (tickets for an adult of child). The pop-up to select the product sometimes appears outside the frame to order the cards. Then scroll up. After you have made the choice you can complete the order. If this does not work, we would be happy to help you by telephone: 020-5491605 (during office hours).

I accidentally bought the wrong tickets or I would like to cancel my tickets?
If you have accidentally ordered wrong tickets or would like to cancel your tickets for another reason, you can contact Paylogic. This can be done by calling 0900-72956442.

I have an entrance ticket for the afternoon or evening program, can I enter the event earlier?
Regarding the afternoon or evening programs on Friday 25, Saturday 26 January and Sunday 27 January, you may enter the event three hours before the start of the relevant program. The doors of the event open 30 minutes before the start of the morning program. You can go to the stands 20 minutes before the start of the day part for which you have a ticket.

I have an entrance ticket for the morning or afternoon program, can I stay longer?
On Friday 25, Saturday 26 January and Sunday 27 January, you can stay after the morning or afternoon program has finished. Visit our exhibitor halls, filled with many stands, delicious food and drinks or watch the riders at the warm up area. 


I would like to take pictures during Jumping Amsterdam, is that possible?
Visitors at Jumping Amsterdam – who are not in possession of a press accreditation – are allowed to take photographs during the event. Make sure that you don’t use a flash no flash (this can scare the horses) and it is of course important that other visitors are not hindered. The photos are for private use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Can I have video recordings during the event?
For the of making video images, please contact the organization. Without an official permission from the organization of Jumping Amsterdam, it is not allowed to make videos of the games and other activities in the arena.

More information about the application of a press accreditation for Jumping Amsterdam can be found here 

By entering Jumping Amsterdam, which takes place from 24 to 27 January 2019 in the RAI Amsterdam, in any form whatsoever, you give permission for making video and/or sound recordings during the event for reporting and promotional purposes on websites, social media and offline publication. The event organiser has the full right to use the relevant images/recordings. You cannot claim any compensation or similar in this regard.