Stable & Rent samenwerking

The collaboration between Stable & Rent and Jumping Amsterdam will be extended for another three years. Stable & Rent will place the competition boxes during Jumping Amsterdam. This way we guarantee a safe stay for the international top horses in the halls of RAI Amsterdam. 

Both organisations stand for safety, quality and service. Top sport is practiced on international level at Jumping Amsterdam and the Dutch company Stable & Rent is happy to cooperate with such an event. 

Because the construction of the boxes must take place in a short period of time, good communication and cooperation are of great importance. Before the more than 200 competition boxes can be placed, plastic and carpet must be placed in the halls. The employees and volunteers of Jumping Amsterdam are present early in the morning to roll out many meters in the huge halls.

The boxes are being built according to the supplied drawing, and the team builds no fewer than 200 competition boxes in one day. Stable & Rent can work quickly and ergonomically. The competition boxes are extensively disinfected in advance and are placed and assembled with mounting brackets. A nameplate is attached to each box. The names of the horse, rider and groom are noted on this. 

As soon as the last horses have left the stable complex, the Stable & Rent team is ready to dismantle. All competition boxes will be dismantled and removed within six hours. This is only feasible if the teams from both organizations are well attuned to each other. We are happy with the collaboration with Stable & Rent!