The horses play the leading role at Jumping Amsterdam. A whole team is ready to provide these ‘stars’ with the best care. FEI veterinarian Julia Ridder and attending veterinarian Arie Hoogendoorn are constantly in the RAI Amsterdam to keep an eye on the health of the horses.
In addition, Jumping Amsterdam, following the guidance during the Olympic Games and the World Equestrian Games, complements the medical team. Brenda Hoogelander has dedicated herself to the medical imaging of orthopaedics at a very reputable orthopaedic sports horse clinic, SMDC (Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre).
During Jumping Amsterdam Brenda will be on call for X-ray and ultrasound examinations: “We are dealing with top athletes who we want to guide optimally. If necessary, we can carry out additional examinations on location and immediately make a diagnosis. In this way, the right treatment can be set up as quickly as possible, without the horse having to be transported to a clinic first”.
Last year Jumping Amsterdam was as first in the Netherlands with this and wants to be provided with the best care for all dressage and showjumping horses that contribute to top performance. SOUND ® is the proud supplier of the Digital X-ray and Ultrasound equipment used by the veterinary team during the event.

Photo: Luifoto