He did not expect it, but Jur Vrieling was at the front in the award ceremony of the Province of Noord-Holland Prize, a 1.45 m with jump-off this afternoon. The Groninger was with 0/26.48 the best of 12 jump-off combinations.

“My horse Fiumicino van de Kalevallei is actually not a very fast horse”, says Vrieling afterwards. “More a horse of which I hope and expect that he will be able to handle the high work. How could I be so fast? The first turn to the steep jump went right away. Hurried a bit too close, so I landed short and could ride the next turn very quickly. That was ideal.”

The victory in the 1.45 m means a lot to Jur Vrieling. “Winning at Jumping Amsterdam is really special, because this is a special competition. Everything here is really perfect for each other, also for the horses. And the atmosphere, with the great sympathetic audience, is also special. Here you just really want to win. And if you can do that, well, that’s very special.”

Afterwards Jur Vrieling will be congratulated extensively, by the number two. The Norwegian Johan Sebastian Gulliksen (“Sorry Johan!”, jokes Jur) and by multi-champion Jeroen Dubbeldam (“Oh, maybe I’ll learn it again!”).

Photo: Digishots