Lily Freeman-Attwood of Great Britain triumphed on January 26th in the 1.45m TWR Investments Group Prize. There were 19 entries in the TWR Investments Group 1.45m Jumper class but not one of them could catch up to Freeman-Atwood and her horse Karibou Horta. The talented team set the unbeatable time at 33.04 seconds in the jump off in a course designed by Louis Konickx.

“Today was pretty good. It’s my first time coming here, it’s only my second show on him. It’s amazing to jump here let alone have a win. He felt amazing out there. I was really glad to go clear in the first round and my trainer, Guy Williams, said go as fast as you can but be sensible, so that’s what I did,” Freeman-Atwood said. Her performance was the highlight of the class. She rode incredibly fast and made smart decisions for her and her horse which resulted in a well-deserved win.

When asked what her plans are for the rest of the year she said: “I’m going to Austria next week with him for the two start. My aim is to get on the Europeans which will be held in the summer.”

Results 1.45m, CSI-U25:
1. Lily Freeman –  Attwood (GBR) – Karibou Horta, 33.04 sec
2. Stella R̦hlcke (SWE) РDelina, 36.01 sec
3. Anna Carway (IRL) – Ajaccio, 36.52 sec

Picture: Digishots