Daniel Coyle wins World Cup, Willem Greve big taste maker

Course architects Quintin Maertens and Louis Koninckx had done a sterling job building this 2024 edition of the World Cup race in Amsterdam. It was a long course where both obstacles and time played a major role. That high level of difficulty was necessary too because the field of competitors at this Amsterdam World Cup was of the very highest level with some of the best show jumpers in the world. There was no particular obstacle that caused the bulk of the faults as the faults were made from the first to the last obstacle, underlining the fact that it was a very fair and balanced course that the course builders had put in place. At 455 metres, it was a long course consisting of 14 obstacles and 17 jumps with a maximum height of 1m60.

The course of the competition immediately brought a party atmosphere to the sold-out stands when early on in the competition the Dutchmen Jur Vrieling with Griffin van de heffinck (by Castelino van de Helle) and Marc Houtzager with Sterrehof’s Dante (by Canturano) rode clear and secured a jump-off.

Almost Maikel van der Vleuten with O’Bailey vh Brouwershof (by Darco) could also report for that jump-off but a time overrun of only 0.01 seconds brought a penalty point on the board and thus put a line through a jump-off. It should be mentioned that the stallion and Maikel showed a great round which made it an extra pity that this was not rewarded with a place in the jump-off. In the end, the combination would finish eighth.

Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli with Kalinka van de Nachtegaele (s.Epleaser van ‘t Heike) and Julien Anquetin with Z Ice Cube Z (s.Zacharov) also left all the bars in the keepers but, like van der Vleuten, received a penalty point for passing the permitted time. Augustsson Zanotelli was 0.10 seconds too slow and Anquetin 0.16 seconds.

It would take quite some time for the next clear to be admired but then it seemed the competition had seen how it should be done and Pieter Clemens with Emmerton (by Silvio I), Gilles Thomas with Luna van het Dennehof (by. Prince van de Wolfsakker), Willem Greve with Highway TN (by Eldorado van Zeshoek), Daniel Coyle with Legacy (by Chippendale Z) and last but not least Denis Lynch with Vistogrand (by Fantaland) joined the two Dutchmen.

Seven combinations thus competed for the World Cup points and the 57,000 euros that the winner could receive. First of those seven, it was Jur Vrieling who opened the jump-off. His grey has been in good form for quite some time, so this place in the jump-off came as no surprise. With an almost perfect ride, Vrieling immediately set the tone by staying clear. But a hitch in a rollback to the second last fence cost some time. 40.40 seconds thus became the time to beat. Marc Houtzager would not be Marc Houtzager if he gave in beforehand. Unfortunately the short turn he made to the double jump did not quite work out, resulting in a fault and a lot of lost time. His time of 42.59 seconds took him to sixth place in the end.

After the Dutch, it was the turn of the Belgians, the first of whom was Pieter Clemens with Emmerton. We know this horse well in the Netherlands because until halfway through last year he caused a furore with Lars Kersten. Pieter Clemens also did not manage to stay clear and even if he had, he would have been more than a second slower than Vrieling. His compatriot Gilles Thomas was more successful as he also left all obstacles unscathed in the jump-off. However, his time of 41.84 seconds was not fast enough to threaten Vrieling.

Willem Greve is always a threat to everyone with Highway TN and this time was no different. With his great jumping stallion he started right away and

Halfway through his ride he was already a second ahead of the leader in the competition. When he then also got a smooth turn where vrieling had to take an extra canter jump, the difference was made and he took over the lead in 38.33 seconds. The crowd in Amsterdam went wild as Greve came through the finish line. It is that atmosphere that riders and audience talk about when they say that Jumping Amsterdam is a unique horse event.

But as wonderful as Greve’s ride was, he knew the win was far from in as after him came two Irishmen considered among the fastest in the world. Daniel Coyle was the first of them. With his horse Legacy, he has already won many main classes, including the Grand Prix of the CHIO in Rotterdam, and it was immediately clear that he was very keen to add Amsterdam’s. With a turn as sharp as a razor to the double jump, he had closed the gap with Greven and did not give it away for the rest of his course. By no less than three seconds, he edged Willem Greve’s time, setting the last starter a well-nigh impossible task. But the latter was none other than Denis Lynch, who has often done the impossible. Unfortunately for the Irishman, his hopes of winning soon went up in smoke when he made his first mistake and a high ranking evaporated when a second mistake was added.

Thus, another fantastic edition of Jumping Amsterdam came to an end with Daniel Coyle as winner of the World Cup competition and Willem Greve as the best rider of the show.


Piaf and passage as von Bredow-Werndl takes over where she left off….

Marieke van der Putten won the highly competitive Prix st Georges class for the Onori Fashion & Gifts Prize on Friday evening. With her Glamourdale son Kuvasz RS2, Van der Putten scored 72.719%, edging Adelinde Cornelissen and Luqiedo (by Aqiedo) into second place (71.275%). Third place went to Dinja van Liere and her Millennium son Lowlands OLD (69.216%).

‘Kuvasz will go through fire for you’

“I never expected to win here,” says Marieke van der Putten after the award ceremony. “It was a really strong field of competitors and again, as the first starter, my score was not so high that you think you are going to win with that. But quite a lot happened, the RAI is a difficult hall for some horses. But that doesn’t bother you at all with Kuvasz RS2. She will go through fire for you.”

First time indoor

Still, poker Kuvasz RS2 found the hall of the RAI quite exciting. “It was the first time indoor for him in such a big entourage. I had some swings and some things that could really be improved. His bridle is a strong point of his. He constantly moves through the test. I can always keep him very nicely in front of me. Every stride in trot and canter is the same. That’s really a plus in him.”

Future horse

Kuvasz RS2 has been out of the running for a while, his last major appearance was at the World Championships in 2022.”He hasn’t been well for a while. He had stomach and intestinal problems. The training with him went very fast, he is a very work willing horse.I deliberately took him out for a year so he could have time to gain strength.He really is a future horse for me.He has a lot of potential for higher work.I think it is very important to give him time.”Stable character

For Marieke van der Putten, the preparation for Jumping Amsterdam was no different than usual.”I rode the selections and I still took him to a clinic.He has a very stable character.”

Grand Prix

“After this I’m going to take the time to work with him towards the Grand Prix.I feel he is really ready for this.I hope to start him Grand Prix at the end of this year.”

First starter

Van der Putten had to start first. “But I never found that a problem. You have to put down a good test right away. It doesn’t matter to me when I start.”

Dutch party

“I think Jumping Amsterdam is a fantastic competition. It’s always very busy for the horses though. They learn a lot from this, of course. It really is a Dutch party.”

Written by Eline Korving – In cooperation with Horses.nl


Piaf and passage as von Bredow-Werndl takes over where she left off….

To the strains of a brand new French-themed musical score embracing Edith Piaf’s “je ne regrette rien”, reigning Olympic, European and World Cup champions Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and the fabulous mare TSF Dalera BB claimed a definitive win at the second leg of the FEI Dressage World Cup™ 2022/2023 Western European League in Lyon, France today.

On the crest of a wave of success, the 36-year-old German rider clinched the 2022 World Cup title at Leipzig (GER) in April before taking a break ahead of the birth of her baby daughter, Ella Marie, in August. And her comeback today was nothing short of sensational. 

A score of 90.140 left her ahead of compatriot and five-time World Cup champion Isabell Werth who finished second with Emilio on a mark of 87.945 while Sweden’s Patrik Kittel lined up in third with Touchdown and von Bredow-Werndl’s brother, Benjamin Werndl, finished fourth with Famoso OLD. 

Jessica was delighted with the result that stamped her authority back on the sport she has dominated for some time now. And she was relieved this evening too. 

“Coming back with a new Freestyle after riding one 90% score after another I knew I was pushing myself. I really wanted to get above 90 to be honest, and that I managed to do it is really cool because it’s what I wished for and prepared for!”

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (GER)

New lead

There were 13 starters in today’s points-deciding Freestyle and, first to go after the break, The Netherlands’ Thamar Zweistra looked set to forge a new lead with the high-stepping nine-year-old stallion Hexagon’s Ich Weiss who was really fun to watch. 

But the pair performed a 2.5 canter pirouette to the left which brought her Degree of Difficulty and Choreography mark to a 5.5 because it is a breach of the rules. So it was the 77.255 posted by the host-nation partnership of Morgan Barbançon and Sir Donnerhall ll OLD that was holding the lead when von Bredow-Werndl entered the ring.

From the moment the German pair set off the crowd were spellbound however, and they burst into applause when the score was posted. The music was captivating, and the floorplan allowed Dalera to show off her pure class. Clearly the golden girl of German dressage had it in the bag.


Asked about her new French-themed Freestyle, von Bredow-Werndl insisted that “it is just a good coincidence that coming up is Paris 2024! 

“My mom actually suggested to use this music. It feels like it fits perfectly to Dalera, right from the first time I rode it. And she loves it! It’s a love story between Dalera and me that’s made in France!”

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (GER)


“The floorplan is perfect for her because we have developed together over the last four and a half years and we’ve been using the previous Freestyle all that time so I think it’s time now to adapt and move on. I spent a lot of time working on the new choreography and it is difficult, but not for Dalera. Today she made it feel effortless, easy and still expressive. I rode this version last week on Wednesday and I just I knew this was it!”, she pointed out.

As best French finisher, having lined up in sixth in the final analysis behind Sweden’s Nanna Merrald Rasmussen and Atterupgaards Orthilia in fifth, Morgan Barbançon attended the post-competition press conference. She was happy with the performance of her great stallion Sir Donnerhall who has bounced back from a scary accident some years ago and who drew gasps of delight from the crowd when setting off in extended canter at the very beginning of his test.


“I am happy to see that he is still in a very good shape at 16 years old. It makes me happy to see he still wants to go in the ring, and Lyon is really my heart show – the best public is here!” And asked if she might think of changing her own Freestyle ahead of the Olympic Games in two years time she said “yes, and I might make it more French than France!”

The FEI Dressage World Cup™ 2022/2023 Western European League now moves on to von Bredow-Werndl’s home ground in Stuttgart (GER) in two weeks time where she will partner the 13-year-old Ferdinand BB. As defending champion she only needs two appearances during the season to qualify for the 2023 series Final which will take place in Omaha (USA) next April. 

And well on his way to qualification is her brother, Benjamin, who goes into the next leg at the top of the WEL league table.