Every year a lot of people put a lot of work in making Jumping Amsterdam a success. Time to introduce you to a few well-known Jumping faces. This time Pieter Wiersinga, board member of Jumping Amsterdam.

What is your role at Jumping Amsterdam?

“I mainly concern myself with the sports side of the event. That started thirty years ago in the ‘Zuidhal’, together with Mireille van Leeuwen. I worked for the police and was responsible for the horses and the tracking dogs of the national police force. Because I was the head of that club, I was asked to organize a competition for uniformed people during Jumping Amsterdam. Police officers, firefighters and soldiers were allowed to participate. That became a huge success. Then the chair of Jumping Amsterdam asked if I wanted to stay, so I became hall manager. Together with Mireille van Leeuwen, among others, I organized all national sports and other fun things in the Zuidhal. We even organized “reining” once when it didn’t even exist in the Netherlands. We had real cows in the ring! After that year I joined the board. “

What is your bond with horses?

“When I was five years old, my posture was not so good. My aunt was a doctor in Amsterdam and she advised my mother to put me on Mensendieck-therapy and riding lessons. I got to try both and then choose what I wanted to do. You can guess what I chose!”

Can you share a nice Jumping Amsterdam memory with us?

“Last year, during the 60th edition, everyone did their very best again. We work with a lot of volunteers, without them there would be no Jumping. From the ticket inspectors next to the escalator to the people in the arena and in the stables. It can’t be coincidence that the event was concluded with such beautiful sport and such an exciting competition! All those people who work so hard have just earned it. My best memory of Jumping Amsterdam is therefore not a special adventure or a special winner, but that we can achieve this with so many different people together and each in his own place.”