Thirteen combinations qualified for the jump-off for the Provincie Noord-Holland Prize this afternoon, including series winner Emanuele Gaudiano. So the second victory of the arrow-fast Italian had to be reckoned with. “Harrie Smolders was ahead of me, and he went around fast enough, so I said to my horse: we have to give everything!”

And so it happened. After winning with Vasco in the 1.40m round of the Meadowbrook Farm Prize, Emanuele Gaudiano had himself crowned winner for the second time – just like two years ago at the last edition of Jumping Amsterdam.

Yet this time a victory was a little less obvious. “This was the first time I started Chaccobeto 1.50m. But then again, it is a very good horse super bred by Paul Schockemöhle for this work.”

‘Going forward by feel’

It is abnormal as often as Emanuele Gaudiano is represented in the award ceremony, and then also very often in the front. What is his tip to other riders for being so fast? The Italian has to laugh at the question, but has the answer ready: “Ride by feel to the front and don’t think too much.”