AMSTERDAM – The Top of Dressage 2023 at Jumping Amsterdam proofs that dressage is actually a lot less individual as people might think. The top riders and trainers of The Netherlands will come together on the night of January 25th to showcase how they help each other and cooperate. The line-up is impressive. The famous trio Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Nicole Werner, the ladies of the Dutch Word Championships team Dinja van Liere, Emmelie Scholtens, Marieke van der Putten and Thamar Zweistra and renowned trainers Leunus van Lieren and Rieky Young will be present. Between them there is great teamwork. For example, Emmelie is a student of Edward, while she is also the trainer of Marieke.

Emmelie: “I love to show the audience the way we train our horses, back at home and with Edward. Normally people only see the test, but now they can see how we school and are being schooled. I think that’s actually more fun than just witnessing a test or even a freestyle, because it’s educational as well. The fact that I can do this clinic together with Edward is extra special to me.”

Edward Gal returns in the arena

After the Olympics in Tokyo last year Edward decided to take a break from the competitions. A year and a half later he will return to the public arena at The Top of Dressage.

Edward: “Jumping Amsterdam is such a lovely competition, always with an amazing audience and a nice atmosphere, so I’m excited to do this event. It seems a lot of people want to attend and, looking at the impressive line-up, I totally understand. It’s going to be great fun to see so many good riders and trainers all coming together to give an insight into the way they work.”

“I’m enjoying riding GLOCK’s Toto Jr., GLOCK’s Total US and other horses at home. They are doing very well and I have to admit, because they are in great shape I’m started to feel excited about competitions again. But first we do The Top of Dressage, without any pressure and with an enthusiastic audience!”

Lövsta Future Challenge

The evening starts with a brand new international competition for U25 riders, the Lövsta Future Challenge. Jumping Amsterdam and the World Cup competitions of Gothenburg and Vilhelmsborg organize the cup to give young talent the opportunity to experience the World Cup league. Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark can each send two riders and other countries can apply for the remaining two spots. The competitions consist of two tests: the FEI U25 Grand Prix test and the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle.

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