In between the international dressage and show jumping competitions, Jumping Amsterdam treats its audience to spectacular shows. For the 55th edition of Jumping Amsterdam, the Hungarian show Puszta will pay a visit to the Dutch capital.

Bugac Puszta consist of 6 Hungarian warriors with 14 horses from “the Yellow Stud”. Together with Anti the donkey, they will peform a spectaculair show.

This group travels especially to our capital to perform this spectaculair show during Jumping Amsterdam 2014.
Besides the topsport, they make sure you will be a part of an amazing show full of action, thrills and excitement in the Amsterdam RAI.  

After the program, on Friday and Saturday there will be an afterparty with music entertainment from a high level. “Cafe Bolle Jan” will also be present this edition to make a plesant Amsterdam party.
There will also be acts from famous Dutch artists Peter Beense and Danny de Munk to make the after party complete!