From the first of April 2010, Noëlle Nanning is the new show director of Jumping Amsterdam. She is Titia Heijbrock’s successor, who after running the event for three years chose a new challenge.

Noëlle Nanning (31) is momentarily working as a manager events and sponsorship at MAN truck & bus in Vianen. She is no stranger to Jumping Amsterdam. At this time, she is a member of the board of the Stichting Jumping Amsterdam as well. She will resign from this function once she starts her office as show director.

Hans Bakker, chairman of the board, regrets the leave of Titia Heijbrock. ‘Under her management, the event has grown over the last three years. That is shown by the very successful edition of Jumping Amsterdam just last month. A strong program containing a good mix of sports and entertainment, lots of spectators, and compliments from riders and sponsors. ’ The board is content with Heijbrock’s successor: ’ Noëlle Nanning is experienced and motivated as well as familiar with all the aspects of the equestrian world.’

De 52nd edition of Jumping Amsterdam takes place from 20 until 23 January in the Amsterdam RAI.